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Academica sponsored the Charter Schools Student Taste Testing and Food Expo for the Lunch Consortium on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

Academica sponsored the Charter Schools Student Taste Testing and Food Expo for the Lunch Consortium on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  The event was a huge success and took place at Mater Gardens Charter School, where the Mater Gardens Student Council and Lighthouse Team were on hand to facilitate information to all the schools that partook in this unique experience. 

Approximately 475 “official tasters”, from 22 schools in grades 4th-10th came to Mater Gardens to participate in a tasting of a variety of 44 new food items to be sampled for inclusion in next year’s school lunch.  Cheney Bros., the food distributor, brought over 16 food service companies and offered students delicious samples of lasagna, cheese bread with marinara sauce, boneless chicken wings, stir fry vegetables, burgers (veggie, meat and turkey) as well as yummy treats like ice cream bars, cookies and donuts. 

Students were invited to evaluate a variety of innovative menu concepts and sample new flavors.  After completing their tasting, students used a Quick Response Code (QR code) to answer a survey and provide feedback on what they liked and disliked. The QR code is a barcode that is scanned using a smartphone to access the survey.  The Lunch Consortium then collected the opinions of the students electronically, which made the experience even more exciting for the students.  There were also paper surveys available for the students that wanted to write their answers.  This exercise was extremely helpful to assist the Lunch Consortium in designing a menu for the schools that will offer more choices for these students as well as improve the quality of the meals served at their schools.

There were picnic tables and music for entertainment and the students had a great time! Students from the City of Hialeah Educational Academy also did double duty as photographers and videographers of the event.

There were many tasters from each of the following schools:


City of Hialeah Educational Academy

Doral Elementary

Gibson Charter School

Mater International Studies

Mater Middle/High

Mater Elementary

Mater Gardens

Mater Lakes Middle/High

iMater Middle/High

Mater Beach

Pinecrest Prep Middle/High

Somerset Dade

Somerset Silver Palms

Somerset City Arts

Somerset Oaks

Somerset South Homestead Elementary

Somerset South Homestead Middle/High

SLAM! Miami

Somerset Central Miramar

Somerset Chapel Trail

Somerset Prep North Lauderdale

Somerset Key


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Carnival & Open House Sat. Feb 17 AM-3PM


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Army of choice parents is growing in strength

The Florida Charter School Alliance asked the Florida Parent Network to reach out to charter school parents and train them to be advocates for their children’s school. The goal was to inform parents about critical issues impacting school choice and charter schools, as well as educate them on how to effectively use their voice to bring about change.

There have been many parent engagement workshops held at charter schools throughout the state — including at several schools that work with Academica.  Catherine Durkin Robinson from the Florida Parent Network will continue to reach out to schools to coordinate parent meetings.  The next workshop is scheduled for February 20, 2018 at Pinecrest Orlando.   Email Lynn Norman-Teck for more information atLynn@flcharteralliance.org.

Here is an article about that partnership:








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MLA FBLA Districts 17

Mater Lakes Academy Places High in FBLA District Competition

Miami, FL, Monday, February 5, 2017 – Mater Lakes Academy’s FBLA competed at their district competition on Friday, January 26th.  MLA’s FBLA had 42 members place in their respective categories.

“The students spent several weeks preparing for the district competition,” said Mr. Giovanni Lorenzo, FBLA Sponsor.  “It is gratifying to see their hard work pay off as they competed and it shows in their results.”

This is the largest amount of students that Mater Lakes Academy has had place for state with finals beating last year’s total of 26 students.  Over 50 students competed and for twenty-five of them it was their first time competing for FBLA.  5 of the 42 students that placed in the state competition for this year are competing at the state level for the second time.  One of the students that falls in to that category, Anny Licor, not only competed in the state level last year but as well as the national level.

FBLA members will compete at the State Conference in Orlando, FL the weekend of March 16-19.  Once students compete at the state level and place to compete nationally, they will then go Baltimore in June for a four-day conference.  The National Leadership conference is the highest level of competition for FBLA members. FBLA will have created partnerships with industry leaders to design and judge their competitive events.  Students achieving national ranking can earn scholarships through FBLA and their partners.

“All I can say is wow,” said Mr. Rene Rovirosa, Principal at Mater Lakes Academy.  “It is amazing to see how far our programs have come.”

Mater Lakes Academy is a Miami-Dade County Public Charter School, with students enrolled in 6th – 12th grade.  Mater Lakes Academy has been open since the 2006-2007 academic school year, and is currently in its 12th year under the direction of Principal Rene F. Rovirosa, and is an A school for both the middle school and the high school.  For more information, visit the school’s website at www.materlakes.org.

MLA FBLA Districts 17


Below are the results:

Student Topic Place
Jenifer Tapia Accounting 1 4
Jacob Wilson Advertising 1
David Sequiera Agribusiness 1
Ingrid Alzate Business F Plan 3
Kathleen Meireles Client Service 1
Layron Rodriguez Computer App 3
Julian Arevalo Computer Game 2
Jesus Cid Computer Game 2
Jeremiah Thony Computer Game 2
Vijay Rathore Cyber Security 1
Alejandro Rivero Digital Video 3
Evan Cortes Digital Video 3
Rosa Aleman E-business 1
Isabella Milanes E-business 1
Kathryn Kalouf E-business 1
Kellymarie Socarras Electronic Career Portfolio 2
Justin Bu Entrepeneurship 3
Jessica Mesa Entrepeneurship 3
Octavio Calvo Global Business 2
Eimy Cedeno Health Care 3
Melissa Ramos Impromptu Speaking 1
Maria Reyes Insurance and Risk 1
Victoria Menendez Intro to Parlimentary Procedure 4
Brianna Mirabal Journalism 1
Arlenis Barrios Management Information Systems 2
Anthony Rivero Marketing 3
Derek Velez Mobile App Development 1
Simon Kato Mobile App Development 1
Natelie Lopez Mobile App Development 1
Samuel Lopez Network Design 2
Christian Mira Network Design 2
Sophia Torres Organizational Leadership 3
Anny Licor Public Service Announcement 3
Adrian Canepa Public Service Announcement 3
Sofia Avande Publication Design 2
Daniela Llanes Publication Design 2
Enya Morera Social Media Campaign 2
Samirah Ocampo Social Media Campaign 2
Monica Niebles Social Media Campaign 2
Romina Aguirre Sports and Entertainment 3
Jonathan Riego Sports and Entertainment 3
Steven Lopez Sports and Entertainment 3

Mrs. Alice Martinez
Mater Lakes Academy
Phone: (305) 698-8000
Fax: (305) 698-1800

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