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Somerset Island Prep Holds Class of 2020 Commencement on Jet Skis

For Immediate Release

Somerset Island Prep Holds Class of 2020 Commencement on Jet Skis
Key West Charter High School held graduation with seniors collecting their diplomas on jet skis.

Key West, FL, May 27, 2020 – Somerset Island Preparatory (SIP) seniors experienced a new kind
of graduation. Adhering to social distancing regulations as a result of Covid19, the school found a
way to make graduation memorable and fun. “The idea to have a Jet Ski graduation is a perfect
example of the innovative mindset which permeates Somerset Island Prep. I could not be prouder
of the students and staff during these trying times,” said Todd German, Somerset Academy’s
Governing Board Chair and Key West resident.

Tuesday evening, the SIP Class of 2020 jet skied in front of Key West’s Southernmost House. The
seniors, in graduation caps, gowns and masks, collected their diplomas from their Principal who
docked just off the Southernmost mansion. Principal, Tom Rompella is proud of the Class of 2020.
“This final ceremony for our seniors represents the same theme that has played out throughout the
entirety of their time at Island Prep. That no barrier is too large to overcome and that through
creativity and hard work we can overcome any challenge,” Rompella said.

Students were given jet ski lessons prior to their graduation day. Safety is a top priority for
Somerset Island Prep.

Somerset Island Preparatory is Key West’s only charter high school. Established in 2010, the high
school offers students an innovative pathway to earn an AA degree while in high school, for free.
Dual enrollment courses are offered on-campus by Island Prep’s own credentialed instructors.
Somerset Island Prep was recently ranked on US News & World Report’s 2020 Best High Schools
list. The school is currently enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year.

Somerset Island Prep is located at 1908 Flagler Ave. For more information, visit their website at

Contact: Tom Rompella
Somerset Island Prep


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Screenshot_2020-04-03 PCas 8a1 South Lake Tablet

Students Of Pinecrest Lakes Academy Haven’t Missed A Day Of School By Turning Traditional Into Virtual Online

by Patricia Delaney
South Lake Tablet
Original article at: https://sltablet.com/2020/03/26/students-of-pinecrest-lakes-academy-havent-missed-a-day-of-school-by-turning-traditional-into-virtual-online/

It was Thursday, March 12th and Pinecrest Lakes Academy was in the midst of its Olympic Field Day, (grades preK-8) when word came that there was a possibility of school closures due to the Coronavirus.

Administration jumped into action and it was all hands on deck to send schoolwork home on the off chance the students could not return after the break. Unfortunately, school closures became a reality and the teachers and staff of Pinecrest Lakes Academy began learning how to navigate Google classroom and Zoom meetings instead of taking their much needed and deserved Spring Break.

Students who needed a computer were given one. The tech-savvy staff was helping those who didn’t understand this new way of teaching. Everyone joined forces to make the new norm a reality. Early Monday morning, March 23, schoolday was ready to start and, administration was ready with schedules and logistics of everything involved in running a school online.

The weekend before transitioning to virtual school, teachers were holding breakfast Zoom meetings and bedtime stories with their students, all in the effort to have everyone ready for Monday.

Students were so happy to see their friends and teachers during these live, online meetings. They shared their pets and younger siblings and all of this seemed to give everyone comfort in a time where everything was changing.

When Monday morning arrived, and it was time to get logged in for the first day of virtual school, everything came together. Of course, there were hiccups, but WOW! what a great feeling to know this can be done and done well. On the first day of class, 97% of all students were in attendance and that rose to 98% on day two with a school of 750 students this is an amazing accomplishment.

Each day the students log on to their computers at 9 am and go till about noon. Students are getting all their core curriculum and all of their special classes such as Art, Music, PE, Spanish, Project Lead the Way and Robotics. To see all the students smiling and paying attention in this uncharted water is awe-inspiring!

This is not your typical homeschool or virtual school, these students are sitting in their homes but are being taught by their regular classroom teachers. They raise their hands, ask questions, and, yes, there is the occasional one who complains he/she forgot to eat breakfast before logging on.

These students are engaged and ready. It is the parents that are struggling. Children are so technologically advanced that this is almost seamless for them. Now and then the teachers can hear their students tell their parents to leave the room that they are at school.

Middle school students get 20 minutes with each of their teachers and then they have office hours from 1 to 3 pm. The school is still offering its interventions to those in need, as well as tutoring for all grade levels if someone is struggling after the class is over.

Way to go Pinecrest Lakes Academy for providing innovative education, structure, and normalcy to students during a time of uncertainty.

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Academica Virtual Education Uses Innovative, Live Online Learning During COVID-19 School Closures

Miami, Florida, March 20, 2020 — Academica Virtual Education (AVE) is supporting online learning during the COVID-19 school closures. More than 60,000 charter school students attended live classes online this week. More than 2,000 teachers led their classrooms with live instruction.

Despite school closures due to COVID-19, Academica-supported schools kept their doors open — online. Well before closing, schools surveyed their families to ensure they had Internet service and devices. Families in need received devices and help with Internet service.

AVE provided online classrooms for all teachers. The AVE online platform connects every child with their classroom teacher — live. They learn together with their classmates as they would in the classroom. They are in class live on the same video feed with the teacher.

The students interact with their teacher and classmates in real time. Students are in uniform. They raise their hands to ask questions. Teachers call on students to keep them
engaged. “Having the tools and technology made switching from brick and mortar to online seamless. Students in my class continued the same lecture formats with minimal changes to the class…Students also enjoyed the new medium and felt more confident… to participate…” said Daniel Gomez, a World History teacher at Mater Grove Academy.

Although the venues have changed, student learning continues undisrupted. Teachers are accommodating the needs of English Language Learners and Exceptional Education Students. Families are active assisting in children’s education.

The goal is to make this as least disruptive as possible for all. Schools reported having online attendance equivalent to, or more than, their regular in-person attendance. Schools supported by AVE include Mater, Somerset, Doral, Pinecrest, SLAM and others.

Parent feedback is enthusiastic and positive. Parents are grateful for the hard work by their teachers and schools. “I’m in awe of how prepared for this pandemic you are… The kids can feel a sense of normalcy and security during this time. Thank you so much for organizing this, you are rockstars!,” expressed Tori Spivack, a Ben Gamla Palm Beach parent.

Students are enjoying interacting with classmates and teachers online. Some are even asking for longer class times. Principals continue classroom “walk-throughs” visiting live sessions to observe teaching and greet students.

The transition hasn’t been without some hiccups. The high usage has taxed some of the websites. There are also many light-hearted moments. One grandmother joined her grandchild’s class intrigued by how a prism reveals sunlight has many colors. “Abuelas don’t often join in class, but we need to be compassionate and supportive right now,” said Sheila Gonzalez, Mater Grove Principal.

Some Academica-supported schools are on spring break. When all are online, more than 120,000 students across the country will be learning each day.
The online schools provide students with a familiar routine, companionship and support. “In many ways, we have been preparing for this for more than a decade,” said Antonio L. Roca, AVE’s Managing Director. “Online learning can be a dynamic model that offers a robust and enriching experience. We will help our families succeed during these difficult times.”

About Academica / Academica Virtual Education: Academica is a leader at maximizing and developing human potential and achievement. The organization supports a global community of lifelong learners. Academica supports college and career education K-16 (kindergarten through college). It also serves the largest group of public charter schools in the nation. Students worldwide learn with Academica Virtual Education (AVE) and Academica International Studies (AIS). For more than a decade, AVE has provided content and services to students and educational institutions. AVE and AIS serve students in the US and in over 14 countries.

Adriana Lima

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COVID19 web

COVID-19 Update

We are actively monitoring the new outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and continue to take measures to protect the health and safety of our school communities.

We are following the guidance latest state departments and local health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on prevention and mitigation.
This is a rapidly evolving situation, we will provide updates as they become available, including guidance in the event of school closures.
Health and welfare of our students, staff and the school community is our primary concern. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
According to the place where you have traveled, you will be asked to stay at home for a period of 14 days from the time they left an area with widespread community spread.
Please check on Travel Report Protocol School
CDC Travel Information
We are prepared to minimize disruption to learning, where officials ordered the closure of schools.
To ensure the continued education of students, we are prepared to implement remote learning operations (virtual), including delivery of online content and digital resources.
Teachers and students will use communication tools and technology for virtual education without interruption. Students attend classes from home and receive live instruction from their current teachers.
Has shared a brief survey to learn more about their access to technology and Internet connectivity, we ask you to complete as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Estamos monitoreando activamente el nuevo brote de coronavirus (COVID-19) y continuamos tomando medidas para proteger la salud y la seguridad de nuestras comunidades escolares.
Estamos siguiendo la guía más reciente de los departamentos de salud locales y estatales, y los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) sobre medidas de prevención y mitigación.
Esta es una situación en rápida evolución, proporcionaremos actualizaciones a medida que estén disponibles, incluyendo orientación en caso de cierre de escuelas.
La salud y el bienestar de nuestros estudiantes, empleados y la comunidad escolar es nuestra principal preocupación. Gracias por su comprensión y apoyo continuo.
Según el lugar a donde haya viajado, se le pedirá que se quede en su casa por un periodo de 14 días, a partir del momento en que se fue de un área con propagación comunitaria generalizada.
CDC Informacion Para Viajeros
Estamos preparados para minimizar la interrupción al aprendizaje, en caso de que funcionarios ordenen el cierre de escuelas.
Para garantizar que la educación de los estudiantes continúe, estamos preparados para implementar operaciones de aprendizaje remoto (virtuales), incluyendo la entrega de contenido en línea y recursos digitales.
Los maestros y los estudiantes utilizarán herramientas de comunicación y tecnología para educación virtual sin interrupciones. Los estudiantes asistirán a clases desde casa y recibirán instrucción en vivo de sus maestros actuales.
Se ha compartido una breve encuesta para obtener más información sobre su acceso a la tecnología y la conectividad a Internet, le pedimos que la complete lo antes posible, si aún no lo ha hecho.

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Pinecrest Academy breaks ground on K-8 in Tavares


The school, which will be aptly named Pinecrest Academy Tavares, was already well under construction during the ceremony. Construction crews were actively working on the structure that officials said will become a full-fledged school in time for the 2020-21 school year.

TAVARES — Pinecrest Academy officials joined with city councilors and developers Thursday morning for a groundbreaking ceremony on an upcoming Tavares K-8 charter school.

The school, which will be aptly named Pinecrest Academy Tavares and located at 2550 Huffstetler Drive, was already well under construction Thursday. Construction crews were actively working on the structure that officials said will become a full-fledged school in time for the 2020-21 school year.

“I’ve seen the full specs but to actually see it going up is amazing,” the school’s principal, Rebecca Schanck, said. “It’s exciting to see the pieces come together.”

Schanck has served as the assistant principal at Pinecrest Lakes Academy in Minneola since it’s founding three years earlier.

Prior to that, she worked as a teacher in Orange County, a reading coach in Lake, and she ran an education consulting company for 10 years.

She’s lived in the area for about 15 years and has been with Pinecrest since their move into Lake County in 2017. She said when the time came that Pinecrest wanted to expand into the north side of the county, she came up as a natural choice.

She’s currently finishing out her last school year as assistant principal at Pinecrest Lakes, which includes preparing that school for its own expansion as it seeks to open a ninth grade class and start a high school.

Pinecrest Academy Tavares will open first with a kindergarten through sixth grade class, at a projection of roughly 425 students, according to Schanck. They’ll look to expand to 600 in the next few years, and are aiming to support up to 900 at the end of a 5 year period.

The school’s construction is being handled by a company called Avalon Park Group, which developed communities like Avalon Park in Orlando and is looking to create Avalon Park Tavares.

The goal of their communities, according to their Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations Stephanie Lerret, is to create a walkable, self-sustaining neighborhood that allows residents to get as many services and goods as possible without needing to travel too far from home. That includes things like doctor’s visits as well as centering the community around a commercial area with grocery stores and other attractive stores.

She noted the proximity of AdventHealth Waterman to the school.

The company recently gained approval from the city of Tavares to begin development of their first residential areas, Lerret said. Ideally, those residences will contribute to Pinecrest, she added, noting that the school was just on the edge of their planned community.

Lerret couldn’t give a solid timeline for development, yet, she said. They know what they want the final product to look like, but they’re too early in the process to know how all of it will pan out.

She said that while their timeline is currently in flux, they’re excited, in any case, to see Pinecrest Academy Tavares take the lead.

Original Article at Dailycommercial.com

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Pinecrest Academy North Campus, Mater Academy East Charter School and Mater Academy East Charter Middle School Earn 2019 National Blue Ribbon Award

FLORIDA – September 27, 2019 – U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recognized 312 public and 50 private schools as 2019 National Blue Ribbon School recipients.

Eleven of those schools are in Florida, six of which are located in Miami-Dade County. Half of the schools awarded in Miami-Dade County are Academica-supported schools. Pinecrest Academy North Campus, Mater Academy East Charter School and Mater Academy East Charter Middle School are 2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools. Mater Academy East is a two-time National Blue Ribbon School having earned the designation in 2010 as well.

The Blue Ribbon Award honors schools whose students achieve at very high levels, or have made significant academic progress and helped close gaps in achievement – especially among disadvantaged and minority students.

Pinecrest Academy North is ranked the #1 K-8 school in Miami-Dade County. This year marks the school’s ninth year of operation and ninth consecutive “A” grade for the school. Seventh graders scored 100% proficiency on the Civics FSA. Sixth graders scored 100% proficiency in the Math FSA and the Algebra EOC. Pinecrest North was recently designated an AdvancED STEM Certified School. The school is a member of the Pinecrest Academy, Inc. High Performing System of public charter schools.  Pinecrest Academy North is designated a National Blue Ribbon School as an Exemplary High Performing School.

Mater Academy East Charter School is located in Miami’s historic Little Havana neighborhood. The school recently completed its 17th year of operation in 2019, earning an “A” under the State of Florida Accountability Program for the 15th consecutive year. Mater East ranks as one of the highest-performing public elementary schools in Miami-Dade County. Mater East has been named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education, twice. The school received the Blue Ribbon School Award in 2010 as an Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing School. Today, the school is recognized as an Exemplary High Performing School.

In 2019, Mater Academy East Charter Middle School completed its 14th year of operation, earning an “A” under the State of Florida Accountability Program. Mater East Middle offers students an advanced first-class academic program. The Academy of Finance features a college-preparatory curriculum exposing students to industry standards from an early age. The school is a recipient of the Verizon Foundation Technology Initiative Grant which provides iPads to students for use in class and at home. Mater Academy East Middle is designated a National Blue Ribbon School as an Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing School.

As part of the Mater Academy, Inc. network of high performing public charter schools, Mater Academy East and Mater Academy East Middle School are fully accredited by AdvancED.

The Blue Ribbon Awards recognition ceremony takes place November 14 and 15 in Washington, D.C. In its 37-year history, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has bestowed this coveted award on over 9,000 of America’s schools. Photographs and brief descriptions of the 2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools are available at https://www.ed.gov/nationalblueribbonschools.

Mater East Elementary, Mater East Middle, and Pinecrest Academy North are proudly supported by Academica, an education service provider. Academica supports a total of 15 public charter National Blue Ribbon Schools.


Academica is one of the nation’s longest-serving and most successful education service organizations, providing professional services and related support to public charter schools. The Academica network of charter schools revolutionized the traditional K-12 educational path turning it into a dynamic K-16 network which provides students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups with access to a free, high-quality education.

Academica is at the forefront of innovation in maximizing and developing human potential and achievement.

We implement evidence-based research, practices, methodologies across the entire educational environment to challenge, engage, and motivate individuals. Academica-supported schools feature immersive college and career preparatory K-16 (kindergarten through college) learning environments. Through Academica Virtual Education (AVE) and Academica International Studies (AIS), we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality education across the world. Our global community supports individuals through school, college, career and beyond.

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Somerset Academy Bay celebrates its new facility

Students, parents, staff and teachers come together for the Ribbon Cutting ceremony

Miami, FL – Somerset Academy Bay hosted a ribbon cutting event on Monday, September 9th, 2019, to celebrate its new facility located at 9600 SW 97th Avenue, Miami, FL.  Somerset Academy Bay, a K through 8 tuition-free public charter school serves over 600 students in its state-of-the-art facility.  The structure was designed by award-winning architecture firm, Civica Group. The facility is approximately 40,000 square feet, offering a sprawling campus with lush botanical gardens designed by Lucas David Landscape.  Governing Board members, design and construction team members, Somerset Academy Governing Board members, Miami-Dade County Public Schools charter school operations representatives and State representatives were present to honor the school.

Somerset Academy, Inc. Governing Board Chair, Todd German, shared his excitement to finally bring this building to the “SoBay” students and families.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was a tribute to the collaborative efforts of an entire community for making the school a reality. “We are committed to building opportunity and equitable learning environments that serve the needs of all students while working in partnership with our community,” expressed German. 

Principal of Somerset Academy Bay, Saili Hernandez, exclaimed that this was really a twofold celebration. Not only were they commemorating the new building, but also a special praise was given to the students and staff on earning an “A” grade for the 6th  year in a row, and for being recognized as the top Middle School in the stare for the 2018-2019 School ratings !  “It truly is an honor to be part of this amazing school community.  This campus has always been very special.  For the last six years Somerset Bay has been a wonderful community were a sense of pride, family and support fills the air! This beautiful building is an extra bonus, which has allowed to open our doors to many new families and welcome more students to join our top educational program!

The SoBay PTO President, Susie Lopez, also shared how the special atmosphere of Somerset Bay is home to her and her two children who have attended the school since its inaugural year in 2013. 

The attendees of the event enjoyed the musical sounds of the SoBay Dolphin Band and a special performance by the SoBay Glee Club. 

Somerset Academy Bay has highly-qualified, state certified teachers with cutting-edge learning tools that are used in all classrooms along with programs designed to cultivate responsible leaders in all students.  Designated a top middle school in the State of Florida, SoBay offers a  STEM curriculum offered to students.  The elementary school provides before and after care along with strong parent-teacher partnerships.  The middle school offers a higher level preparatory curriculum in technology-rich classrooms. The school also be an array of clubs and sports for students to participate in, such as Student Council, National Honor Society, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, to name a few.

About Somerset Academy, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Somerset Academy Charter School opened in Miramar, Florida, to humble beginnings.  Appropriately named Somerset Neighborhood, the school was housed in a two-room schoolhouse and served 50 students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. To meet parental demand, the school expanded in the years to follow but was careful to maintain a nurturing, tight-knit learning environment and multi-age/multi-level classroom philosophy that parents love and in which students thrive.

Somerset Academy now offers high-quality K-12 educational programs in Florida, Nevada, Texas and Spain that have, and continue to achieve, academic success. Although all Somerset Academy schools share a vision, each campus has a unique and enriching educational program that is tailored to the community they serve.  This formula, along with incredible support from parents, has made Somerset Academy a nationally recognized, award-winning family of high quality public charter schools.

For more information visit www.somersetacademyschools.com.

Somerset Academy Bay is supported by Academica. Academica is one of the nation’s longest-serving and most successful charter school service and support organizations.  Academica works with over 200 successful charter schools across the US that have been recognized on a local, state and national level.

Contact: Saili Hernandez

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Academica-Supported Schools Earn High Marks

Academica supports many of the top-performing schools in the State of Florida.

Academica schools earned an “A” grade for 2019. A third of Academica schools ranked in the top 10 percent and half ranked in the top 25 percent in the State. 77 schools earned an “A,” and 23 schools earned a “B.”

The Doral Academy and Pinecrest Academy school networks had all “A” schools. Pinecrest Academy North in Miami-Dade was the top performing K-8 school in Florida. The school is a 2019 National Blue Ribbon Nominee.

Academica is one of America’s most successful education organizations. It serves 200 charter schools, a digital learning community, and a non-profit college.

During the past 20 years, Academica’s charter schools have earned many accolades. Ranking organizations list Academica’s charter high schools among the nation’s best. Stanford University’s CREDO found that Academica’s ”hybrid” school networks are among the nation’s highest achieving. Academica’s exceptional results are especially notable for low income and minority students.

Congratulations to all Academica-serviced schools for their achievements. The students, teachers and leaders at these charter schools continue to surpass expectations.

More information about school grades is available at http://www.academica.org/report_cardand Florida Department of Education.

Follow us on Twitter @Academica and @AcademicaMedia and Instagram @academica and on Facebook at ACADEMICA to stay up-to date with everything going on within the Academica education community.

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Cornerstone Charter Academy

Cornerstone Charter Academy to be Honored for Public Service at Multiplying Good Jefferson Awards in Washington, D.C

Cornerstone Charter Academy Students In Action Team will be honored alongside Von Miller, Patagonia, and unsung community heroes

BELLE ISLE, FL. (June 13, 2019)–Multiplying Good, the nation’s leading nonprofit focused on fueling personal growth and leadership through public service, today announced that Cornerstone Charter Academy Students In Action Team will be honored for their service work at its annual Jefferson Awards alongside Von Miller, Denver Broncos’ linebacker/founder Von’s Vision, and Patagonia, designer of outdoor clothing and gear/environmental advocate.

The Awards, now in its 47th year, were co-created by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft, Jr., and Sam Beard. This year’s event will be held on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 in Washington, D.C. and is the nation’s largest convening of individuals committed to public service. The Belle Isle students will join 150 grassroots and youth Jefferson Award recipients from across the country.

Multiplying Good’s Students In Action program concentrates on building confidence and developing key skills for youth leaders through an extensive support structure encompassing training, technology, and a continuum of caring adults.

The Service Learning Dedicated Ducks, Cornerstone Charter Academy’s Students In Action team, will be recognized for their dance marathon, Quack-a-thon and their year-long fundraiser and which raised $35,000. The money will benefit Miracle Children, an initiative of the Children’s Miracle Network which helps prematures babies and critically ill children. The Service Learning Dedicated Ducks were inspired to choose this cause by the Shield’s Family, a local family who has two children that are part of the Miracle Children initiative enrolled at Cornerstone Charter Academy. The Dedicated Ducks from Cornerstone Charter Academy, under the leadership of Faculty Advisor Linda Reyes, have participated in the Students In Action program since the 2015-2016 school year.

“By providing a prestigious platform that recognizes outstanding, selfless acts of service, we motivate our award recipients to do more and we inspire others to take action in service to others, creating a ripple of good,” said Hillary Schafer, Multiplying Good CEO. “The youth, grassroots, corporations, and notable national award recipients who join us at the D.C. Jefferson Awards represent the very best of our country, people who have dedicated themselves to serving others. By bringing them together and elevating their work, we inspire positive impact in communities nationwide.”

Following a rebrand in February, which put a greater emphasis on the organization’s overall mission and programming to inspire people of all ages to get involved in service, Multiplying Good continues to pay tribute to its roots by recognizing remarkable service with its twice-annual ceremonies in Washington, D.C. and New York.

Multiplying Good will honor Cornerstone Charter Academy Students In Action team alongside the following national figures for their public service efforts and initiatives:

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller will be honored with the award for Outstanding Public Service in Professional Sports. Miller’s commitment to Denver youth through Von’s Vision provides low-income children with the eye care and corrective eyewear they need to be their best in the classroom and in life. His organization works with partners to donate their time, optometric and ophthalmological services, and frames and prescriptions to benefit thousands of children annually.

On behalf of Patagonia, the company’s environmental advocate Avi Garbow will accept the award for Outstanding Public Service by a Corporation. As an American outdoor apparel company, Patagonia has long been on the leading edge of sustainability in the industry. The organization has donated more than $100 million to nonprofit environmental groups and conservation efforts since its founding in 1973. Through its corporate venture capital fund, Tin Shed Ventures, Patagonia also invests in start-ups that offer solutions to the environmental crisis. These include solar projects, innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save water and regenerate soil health, and circular economy models. When possible, Patagonia will partner with the businesses in which it invests, such as Yerdle, which helped Patagonia launch its Worn Wear business, which promises the company will produce and sell quality goods, repair them when needed, recycle them free of charge, and even buy back functional gear in an effort to prolong product use and reduce the company’s carbon, waste, and water footprint.

To purchase tickets for the 2019 D.C. Jefferson Awards, or to learn more about Multiplying Good and this year’s honorees, please visit: http://bit.ly/MULTIPLYGOODINDC.

About Multiplying Good
Multiplying Good is a national nonprofit that channels the power of public service to unleash potential in individuals. For nearly 50 years, they have honored those who build better communities, trained young leaders, and activated individuals and organizations to multiply the impact they can deliver. Through a continuum that starts with engagement and culminates in recognition, they fuel personal growth and multiply the power of service to others. Through recognition, they inspire individuals and those who hear their stories to deliver greater positive change. You can learn more about the organization by visiting MultiplyingGood.org or engaging with their online communities via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Third grade students at Academica-supported schools showed a level of mastery in the 2019 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) in English Language Arts (ELA), surpassing this year’s Florida state average.

Third grade students at Academica-supported schools showed a level of mastery in the 2019 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA)

Third-grade students at Academica-supported schools showed a level of mastery in the 2019 Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) in English Language Arts (ELA), surpassing this year’s Florida state average.

68% of third graders in Academica-supported schools scored a level 3 or above, Florida’s mean average was 58%.

o Miami-Dade County
Academica-Supported Schools: 76%
Traditional District Schools: 60%

o Broward County
Academica-Supported Schools: 65.8%
Traditional District Schools: 60%

o Palm Beach County
Academica-Supported Schools: 55%
Traditional District Schools: 54%

o Orange County
Academica-Supported Schools: 80%
Traditional District Schools: 55%

o Lake County
Academica-Supported Schools: 79%
Traditional District Schools: 60%

· Third grade students from Academic-serviced schools outperformed large counties such as Broward, Duval, Orange and Hillsborough by 13.5 percentage points, compared to the average percentage scores of students who scored a level 3 or above in all four counties.
· Somerset Jefferson Elementary School in Jefferson County increased 9% in proficiency, having one hundred percent of the lowest quartile making gains.
· The mean FSA ELA score was 306.75 on a scale that ranges from 240 to 360.

Congratulations to all third grade students for their achievements and a round of applause to the teachers who helped them get there.

Follow us on Twitter @Academica and @AcademicaMedia and Instagram @academica and on Facebook at @academicaschools to keep up with the Academica family.

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