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Science Fair Winners!!! from Ben Gamla Palm Beach

Congratulations, Kol HaKavod, to all of our Students and Teachers for participating in our Science Fair last week- pictures attached! Thank you to Mrs. Fishbein for coordinating the Science Fair and to our judges for taking time out of their busy schedules to come out and support our scientific inquiry! We consider ourselves particularly fortunate to merit such prestigious judges;

  • George Lockhart, Department of Charter Schools
  • Tom Medcalf, PBC Science Department  
  • Cristin Tabachnick, PBC Science Department and
  • Sarah Temple, Assistant Principal Somerset Canyons High School

The judges themselves were impressed by the projects and commented on the obvious scientific learning that is happening in our classrooms. We had several notable projects- both team and individual in 3rd-5th grade! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were announced in several categories earlier this week and 1st place winners will be participating in the District Science Fair in May.


and the Winners are…

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Class Projects

1st place – What State of Matter is Obleck?-  Ms. Hymson’s 2nd grade class

2nd place – What is the Most Common Color of Skittles?-  Mrs. Cianflone’s Kindergarten

3rd place – A Skittle Surprise – Mrs. BuShea’s 3rd grade


3rd grade Individual and Team projects

1st place- Which Soda Explodes the Highest?

2nd place- My Volcano Experiment

3rd place- A Crystally Conclusion


4th Grade

Individual projects

Tied for 1st place-  Which Type of Cup Keeps Liquids the Hottest for the Longest Amount of Time?

Tied for 1st place-  The iPhone Extreme Temperature Challenge

2nd place- No Soda Please

3rd place- Do Plants Need Water?  

4th grade Theme project– Green Project –  Splish Splash

4th grade Team Project

1st place- Danger Ball!  Which is Best? 

2nd– Fastball

3rd– Tick Sticky Oeey Gooey Science Behind Slime


5th Grade

Individual projects

1st – Fishing Frenzy

2nd– Protein Digesting Enzymes

Tied for 3rd– Drinks and Tooth Decay

Tied for 3rd place – Freezing Liquids

TEAM Projects

1st place- The Plant Position Effect

2nd place- Currents Conducting

3rd place- Artificial light effect on plants

Theme– Aviation- Weigh to Go  

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